Monday, March 03, 2008

Progress Report

Have been having cramps over the past few days - for the first time last Sunday (at 38w4d), then on Wednesday, and then on Thursday. All were rather sporadic and not really painful, but they were the first Braxton-Hicks I'd felt throughout the entire pregnancy.

They came up again on Saturday morning (39w3d) - lasted me throughout all of Saturday with intervals of about 25-30 minutes or so. And then everything stopped on Sat night.

Sunday's timeline:
8am-12noon:25-30 mins interval
stopped at 12noon..
2pm-5pm: 25-30 mins interval
5pm-8pm: 15 mins interval
stopped at 8pm.. damn..
started again at about midnight
midnight-2am: 6-8 mins interval.. i was thinking should be quite soon le..
stopped at 2am!! wah lau!!

And so here I STILL am this morning at 39w5d, roundly intact and waiting.
The upside is, there hasn't been much pain so far. All just uncomfortable crampy tightenings. Like menses cramps, or lau sai cramps.

Am starting to look for natural induction methods (hey anything to get the waiting over and done with!), but some of them are just too amusing:
- A bumpy car ride
- Raw potato in tea
- Hula dancing or belly dancing (I mean, who could possibly do that NOW??)
- Eating pineapple (alright, where are those leftover tarts from CNY?)

Shall go rub my belly more, as another last in life approaches: Soon, it'll be the last time I get to feel Missy Mouse wriggle under my skin.

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