Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Princess Sophie (Part 2)

Friday, 7/3/08
8am: I'm woken up to see (and feed!) the princess for the first time. She opens both her eyes! Ahhh!! I love love love her look with both eyes open.

Missy Mouse and her proud daddy

Can't quite move from my prone position on the bed - the incision hurts with every little movement. Epidural has mostly worn off and I'm pleased at being able to feel my legs. G arrives with breakfast - only for us to be told that I'm not allowed any solid food. Argh!

Thumb sucking queen

7pm: Pethidine painkiller drip removed, switched to oral painkillers. The nurse encourages me to get out of bed to go to the toilet. Eek!! That's never seemed like such a daunting prospect before.

Have I mentioned I love her eyes?

9pm: Tried to get out of bed to go toilet. Gosh.. The 3 metres walk seems like the furthest possible distance! I've to walk with small shuffling steps and the nurse has to support both my arms. Think getting down of the bed, walking to toilet and back, and getting up on the bed, took a full 30 minutes at least. Never going to take toilet for granted again!!

All the gifts and blessings for our little mouse

Saturday, 8/3/08
Finally allowed first full meal! I'm so happy with it.. The last meal was Wednesday dinner! Gosh no wonder I have no energy.

Food!! Finally!!

G goes to get Sophie's birth cert done. Her IC number's really nice - contains all the same numbers as her birthdate 060308 =)

Roger: How come her IC number starts with 08?

HM: Er, she's born in 08??
Roger: Oh! But my parents' IC number starts with 08 also..
HM: Yes, that's why this is T08xxxxx, your parents are S08xxxxx
Roger: But I thought "S" stands for Singapore - so "T" stands for Taiwan?

The Sims

We learn that Sophie has mild jaundice and will be put on phototherapy. Whether we can go home tomorrow depends on how she responds to the treatment. I manage to take my first walk to the nursery. It's really easy to identify Sophie among all the babies - She's the only one wriggling nonstop!

Sunday, 9/3/08
Good news - Sophie's jaundice has gone down and we can be discharged. G goes to pay bills while I sign the forms for Sophie's release. Final bill - 5k plus! Oh dear! This is called "the most expensive way of giving birth" - quote Klessis.
We wrap Sophie in a special swaddling blanket - which she ALSO wriggles out of in no time. Coincidentally, she's the only girl baby being released that day - a lone confection of pink in a sea of blue, white and green! Looking around, I am so glad I have a girl. Hee...

Missy Mouse arrives home to her very pink crib

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