Tuesday, March 04, 2008

One day more

One day to my EDD.

Yes yes I know, the EDD stands for Estimated Due Date - but gee, its been my goal line for 40 weeks! So I kind of feel like the goalposts are moving ever further away the closer I get to them.

Have been to the gynae today - zero dilation and effacement. Argh. Disappointing, not to say frustrating. All the cramping of the past few days hasn't had ANY effect at all. Did a CTG NST and had to take it thrice before the nurse was satisfied that the flatness of the lines was REALLY due to no contractions and not wrong placement of electrodes! Darn.. I was certainly hoping for at least SOME sign that Missy Mouse is ready to emerge!

I have been praying that she will come between 1st to 7th March. 7th of March is this Friday. The Stats-Loving Doc has given me till Saturday - if nothing happens by Saturday, he'll get me admitted for an induction. I'm hoping to avoid that though, as the conversion rate of induction to C-section is rather high (up to 50%) - ie, once I go in for induction, I have a one-in-two chance of ending up delivering by C-section. Double pain and double bill! Eek!

Amusing things, though:
1. SMS conversation (agaratedly):
Rabbit (aka KJX): Maybe she's just lost inside! Can't find the exit.
Lion (aka me): Yes, she inherits her mother's direction sense. I can get lost in Orchard Underpass!
Rabbit (aka KJX): Well she'll find her way out eventually.. it's technically a one way street..
Lol. Thanks rabbit for always making me laugh. And reminding me that MY direction sense ain't that bad after all.
Note to self: I seem to be acquiring quite a zoo of pets. A Dog, a Rabbit, and next one is a Mouse. Heh.

2. Sudden realizations
Tried using acupressure to stimulate contractions (see previous post on natural induction methods), thats when I realised how bad my water retention is - my thumbprint remains depressed into the skin of my calf!
First thought: OMG my water retention is BAD!
Second thought: Hey that makes it easy to lose weight after delivery. =)

Oh yes - have cleaned up the wishlist at the request of those who tell me its very hard to read. =) Seriously. G's blogders, read my version of wishlist instead.. heh heh..

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