Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Job Scope

Job: MoM (Mother of Mouse)

Open for application, with only two responsibilities:
a. Milk Cow (The SUCKY part of the job)
b. Pooper Scooper (The SHITTY part of the job)

Job requirements:
Perform above both items faithfully every 2 hours. Sleep is optional in the intervals.

Job duration:
For life.
(Note: The superficial circumstances of (a) and (b) may change. But however old the child may be, you'll still need to provide their needs and dig them out of any shit too deep for them.)

Whines, grunts and wails. Paradoxically, the better you perform at the job, the less of these you get. Oh, and also, the satisfaction of having a warm, soft weight in your arms that you never want to put down, big bright eyes that track your movements, and the impish smile that melts your heart.

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