Sunday, November 25, 2007

She is loved

She's already received so many gifts, and blessings.. Stuff I wouldn't even 舍得 to buy myself!!

From Jing - a sweet set of 6 baby booties! All the way from Hong Kong (I think!)

From Tiffany - two really cute tops from Mothercare. The one on the left proclaims "Cutie" and the one on the right says "Hello World". Heh.

From my mum - we went on a shopping spree when we saw a kids stuff sale at Taka. Left to right, a pair of Minnie Mouse walking shoes (alright, a little early, but who's counting?); Pooh baby booties and mittens set; and a receiving blanket - apparently this is folded in some fashion that facilitates tucking baby inside. And my mum kindly offered to buy them for her. Gosh.. I don't even remember the last time my mum offered to buy anything for ME..

This is going to officially become my favourite brand of the year. La Petit Bateau, a French clothing company. Their designs are unique without being ostentatious, they kind of remind of the illustrations in The Little Prince. The amount of detailing and delicacy you get is just amazing. The fabric is also really soft and high quality. Look at the designs.. These two short sleeve bodysuits are their Christmas special package designs for this year.

Enhance! See the designs!

Cat perched on branch with baby. The French words read "my very beautiful gift" (or at least i think they do!)

Elves tramping around on branches.

Of course, these comes with a (high! really high! ulp!) price.. so that's all the stuff she's ever getting from this shop! Also from my mum, during the aforementioned Taka shopping spree.

List of things so far:
1 x receiving blanket
2 x short sleeve bodysuit
2 x long sleeve tops
1 x mittens
1 x shoes

Sigh.. I wish I had such nice stuff for myself!

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