Thursday, November 08, 2007

Remedial conversations aka unwanted Biology lesson

mswang: What kingdom do birds belong to?

A: We all wrote "Birds".

mswang: Huh? Birds are animals! Kingdom Animalia!

Range of animals. Got birds and insects one also leh.

B: Oh, I always thought only mammals are animals.

mswang: Argh. Birds ARE animals! Excuse me, how about flies? Are they animals?

Housefly, Drosophila melanogaster

A: No lah.

mswang: OMG =XX of course they are! They eat, they move, they shit!

A: But so do fungi!

mswang: Fungi!! Fungi don't eat! They don't move! They don't shit!

Have you ever seen a mushroom shit??

A: But fungi eat what. They eat the stuff they make themselves.

mswang: Nononononono. Plants also make use of food they make themselves..

Peacefully photosynthesizing plant palisade on petiole.

B: So plants are animals??

Tell me, tell me, how to not bang head??

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