Friday, September 28, 2007

Of Birthdays

(Super belated post)

September has always been the month of many birthdays.

11th, 14th, 15th, 18th are the birthdays of my family members.

17th is my own birthday.. and 24th is G's birthday.

This year, I feel particularly blessed for these birthdays. Tiffany and KQ squeezing time out of their super busy schedules to have lunch with me; a date at Menotti's with Raine, Miss I, and Jan; G rushing out of reservist to bring me for a nice dinner; Ikea vouchers from a big bunch of people, and cash gifts from others (must have read my PSE post hehe). I'm very touched, because I know it takes time and effort and sacrifice to arrange these. Especially to my section; I'd say at least 80% of the section are students, yet they really put in so much effort to give me a great gift. Thanks guys, you gave me what matters. =)

Yesterday, G and I wrapped up the month with an afternoon out. His birthday should have been celebrated on Monday, but because he was in reservist he didn't get out till late Wednesday. We went for a late lunch at Michelangelo's and just spent the rest of the day walking around in Centerpoint, OG Orchard and Suntec City. Actually, it's pretty mundane stuff but its rare we get the chance to spend so much time together, just doing whatever we want to do. The simple things in life are still the best. =)

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