Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A new wishlist

Alright! I've updated my wishlist in the center column(read: shameless wheedling for stuff) so all you can prepare things for me for my birthday.. which is upcoming.. soon.

Just don't ask HOW soon.
-shifty eyes-

1. Wallflowers.
As in this kind..Which gives you this..

There are lots of different wall decals around that can give a whole new look to a wall and by extension a room.. also wall coverings, edgy wallpapers etc.

Lovely design elements.. Yummy. I want to do up the wall behind my bed with something like these, and make it not-so-plain. Ooh, G will kill me for this. Heh.

2. More
Ikea things
Hm, yes, the quintessential Singaporean home-furnishing store. What exactly did I want? I have no idea! Crummy colourful allsorts, I guess! Whatever!
Part of the fun is finding new things each time I go! Which, fortunately for my wallet, tends to be very seldom indeed.

Latest damage from Ikea courtesy of wedding gift from 04S75:
Two swivel chairs as above, in dark red, for our study
Please imagine this awfully bland rug in deep rich purple. Now, doesn't it look much better?

Also from Ikea, a plain lamp that was dismantled. The base of the lamp serves as a stand for a Tord Boontje "Thinking of You" vase-cover, bought from SFMOMA, that now lives an alternative life as a lampshade.

We bought the first one in the first picture, which is shown alone in the second picture below it. Add in a warm yellow light emanating from within the metal shell, and you have a pretty good idea of my newest bedside lamp.

And the lampshade of said Ikea lamp?
It lives an upside down life as a bucket for holding G's numerous remote controls. Perhaps it'll do for an ice bucket for bottle of (really small) wine in a pinch too!

3. Clock
The big-ass, hang-on-the-wall-as-a-statement-piece kind.
Yeah baby.
Something like, but not exactly these.

4. Footstool / short chair
For my dressing table. Saw a nice purple (ahempurpleahem) one at Barang Barang for an even nicer price.. Something like close to 200bucks even when on sale? Ouch! Siao!
This one's a tough one, actually, because it has to be the right height for my table (and how would I know that without having the table right there? Argh!)

Notice the wishlist this round is very much furniture- and interior-design oriented. That's the funnest part about moving house! =)

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