Wednesday, October 25, 2006

*singsong* its the holidays!!!


(omg omg goes off into raptures of freedom)

Things to do in the *singsong* looooong holidays!!!

1. Blog skins. Woo! An activity I indulge in once a year or so. Bwahaha. Perhaps I shall start a 4S5 blog and skin it? Mm.
2. Lose weight! By taking on Jingxuan's challenge of running and her personal exercise regime.
3. Christmas SHOPPING notice the emphasis on the SHOPPING! Teehee I love buying gifts cos gift giving is my love language. It makes for a poor but happy Ming. Heh.
4. Read books books and more books. Woo. Happy day is a day holed up in a public library and reading to my heart's content. And it's freeeeeeee! Refer to point 3 above.
5. Bake cookies and cakes and allsorts. I hate cooking but I don't mind baking.


but boo~ i am broke and in need of moolah. Not been this broke since uni days when my spine would regularly meet my stomach and lament about the lack of filling in both.
Anybody want to rain dollars from above??

practical ways to make the bucks roll in
: yahoo auctions, long defunct, here I come!
: want paying for blogskins! yarr right.
: more tuitions!
: act pretty, enter a contest and win myself a prize. Heh.

And of all times this has got to be the time when the Arise and Build is coming up. Help! What a stretch of faith that when I have nothing left, I need to look to the future and pledge.
Besides looking to the future, I need to look to the past. And be reminded of how God has shown Himself faithful so many times over. So many times when I thought I must surely "cannot make it liao", God has come through for me. Mustard seed faith that I have, please grow!

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