Saturday, October 28, 2006

All I want for Christmas

Might as well put it up now so all you people who love me can start getting your dollars ready. Heh.

1. Black strappy heels
2. Cream strappy heels
(To these, ahemahem, my shoe size is 37 and I adore shops like Pazzion, Gripz, Mondo and Mitju.)
3. Cigarette pants (the kind that make your legs look oh-so-long and oh-so-slim! ahh~)
4. Purplepurplepurplepurpleeeee anything. =)
5. Stila concealer
6. MAC lipglass. A specific colour - translucent shimmery gold. Yum. (Updated! The colour is Go Lightly!)

New items on list:
7. Earrings from Fie
8. Stila foundation
9. Manicure and pedicure package
10. A Fujitsu laptop (Hey a girl can dream!)
11. A large slouchy ruched bag in fall/winter shades
12. A Year 2007 organizer. This seems easy but it's not! I am super picky about my organizers. Heh.

I shall put up more when my next bout of narcissism strikes. Teehee.

woo~ Looking forward to Christmas!

/ O holy night
/ the stars are brightly shining
/ it is the night
/ of our dear Saviour's birth
/ Long lay the world
/ in sin and error pining
/ till He appeared
/ and the soul felt its worth
/ a thrill of hope
/ the weary world rejoices
/ for yonder breaks
/ a new and glorious morn
/ fall on your knees
/ and hear the angel voices
/ O night divine
/ O night when Christ was born
/ O night divine
/ O night, o night divine

Christmas season always makes me remember the December of 2004, which I spent in San Francisco. The frosty coldness, swaddling in thick layers of clothes, darkening afternoons, fog and mist, steaming mugs of hot chocolate, five-storey high christmas trees festooned in lights... ahhh. I love cold christmases - it somehow just seems right for the season. =)

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